About Compensation for Special Match issue.

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About Compensation for Special Match issue.

This is the Happy Wars Management Team.

From UTC Saturday, January 16 at 11am to Monday, January 18 at 1am there was the following issue for Xbox 360 Happy Wars users:


Going from the Title Menu to the Top Menu during Domination opening times resulted in the screen freezing, making it impossible to continue.

We are compensating the following as our apology for the partial Special Match issue.

All the Xbox 360 Happy Wars users who made their account by January 19(Tuesday) will receive “Happy Tickets x 20” and “Premium Member 1 Day Pass”.

The receiving period is until:

Time in EST
・February 11(Thursday)03:59

Time in UTC
・February 11(Thursday)08:59

We appreciate your continuous support for Happy Wars.