Moving your Happy Tickets from Xbox 360 and Windows 10 to Xbox One

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Moving your Happy Tickets from Xbox 360 and Windows 10 to Xbox One

You may transfer your Happy Tickets from the Xbox 360 and Windows 10 versions of Happy Wars to the Xbox One version by following the 2 steps detailed below.
Happy Tickets may no longer be transferred after March 15th, 2018 at 5:00 am (EST)/9:00 am (UTC).

How to Transfer Happy Tickets

Start your transfer on Xbox 360 or Windows 10

1-1.Start up Happy Wars on Xbox 360 or Windows 10
1-2.Enter from the title screen, then head to Top Menu, Game Home and finally Shop.

1-3.Select Happy Tickets

1-4.Press the start button or S key to receive a dialogue box indicating that the transfer has begun.

1-5.If the dialogue listed below appears, select OK.

#### Happy Tickets are ready to be transferred to the Xbox One/Windows 10 version of Happy Wars.
Happy Tickets pending for transfer become temporarily unusable until you receive them on your Xbox One console or cancel the transfer. Would you like to proceed?

– Extra Happy Tickets cannot be purchased while you have Happy Tickets pending for transfer.
– After transfer, the tickets are unusable on the XXXX version.

*#### represents the number of Happy Tickets you are transferring and XXXX represents the platform you are transferring from.

You have begun the Happy Tickets transfer.
To complete it, please collect the tickets on Xbox One.

Collect Tickets on Xbox One

2-1. Start up Happy Wars on Xbox One.
2-2. Press the Menu Button on the title screen.
2-3. A dialogue box confirming the transfer of the tickets will appear

With that, your Happy Tickets transfer will be complete.

Happy Ticket transfer period

Happy Tickets can be transferred until the following date

Tickets cannot be transferred after:
March 15th, 2018 at 5:00 am (EST) / 9:00 am (UTC)
Tickets that have not been collected by the deadline will be returned to the system they were sent from.

Please transfer your tickets by the deadline

If you wish to transfer your tickets from Xbox 360 or Windows 10 to Xbox One, please do so and collect the tickets by the deadline.
If you do not, you will be unable to transfer them at a later date.

Thank you for playing Happy Wars.