What mankind has been waiting for! Item Design Contest Round 2!

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What mankind has been waiting for! Item Design Contest Round 2!

As a Thanksgiving special event, we decided to have the Item Design Contest Round 2!

Now is the chance to have your designed items appeared in Happy Wars!

Enter a contest for an item design for each 3 classes (Warrior, Cleric, and Mage)!
We are looking forward to seeing an original item design for your favorite class!
Winning Items (one design each class) will appear in the game!
The winners of the context will receive the set they designed,
a buff of their choice and a “Happy Wars” special T-shirt!

Entry Period
November 19th (thu) UTC 9:00 to December 10th (thu) UTC 9:00

JPEG format, Up to 2MB
Must be an original design
For Warrior and Cleric classes, a whole body design including weapon, shield, helmet, and armor.
For Mage Class, a whole body design including weapon, helmet, armor, and accessory.

How to Enter
Please apply through the email address below.
Please include:
Your name
Home address

Entry Agreements

  • ・All submitted designs will belong to the contest sponsor (Toylogic). Applicants must agree that the sponsor freely uses the submitted designs for promoting the contest and the records.
  • ・The contest sponsor has all rights to use the submitted designs.
  • ・Applicants must agree that the contest sponsor freely edits and adopts the submitted designs.
  • ・The contest sponsor has a right to use all submitted designs for any kinds of promotion purposes including TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine, Brochure, and Stationary.
  • ・Applicants must agree that the contest sponsor has a right to apply and register the trademark and the design right of all submitted designs.
  • ・All submitted designs must be designs that have never been published.
  • ・All submitted designs must be designs that do not belong to a third party.
  • ・Submitters who follow the “Submission Rule” and enter during the campaign period are qualified.
  • ・The contest sponsor will choose best screenshots after careful consideration.
  • ・If the contest prize was returned because of absence, moving and unclear address, the receiving right will be considered waived.
  • ・Submissions that violate a design right, a copyright, and a trademark as well as against public order and standards of decency are considered unqualified. Any submissions the sponsor considers inappropriate are also unqualified.
  • ・Any costs to enter this content are submitters’ expenses.
  • ・The sponsor cancels the one’s entry if the submission is considered fraud, inappropriate, or using someone else’s identity.
  • ・The chosen winner cannot transfer the winning right to someone else.
  • ・The contest prize cannot be transferred or exchanged with money.
  • ・All contents and conditions regarding the contest can be changed without notice.
  • ・Please refer to “Privacy Policy” for dealing with personal information.
  • ・“Happy Wars” “ハッピーウォーズ” are trademarks that Toylogic Inc. owns.
  • ・Employees, contractors, and any related employees at Toylogic Inc. cannot enter the contest.
  • ・The sponsor is not responsible for any errors, network disconnection, data loss, glitches, delay, submission content falsification, and connection loss as well as issues with machines used to enter the contest.
  • *Microsoft is not a Sponsor of this promotion and has no responsibility regarding its conduct or administration.