“Item Design Contest Round 2” concept art

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“Item Design Contest Round 2” concept art

The Art Director’s concept art for the “Item Design Contest Round 2” winners just arrived!

The three designs are the cool items from “HH Capriwolven”, the well-decorated set from “LoonyNeko111” and the terrifying drawing from “Carrera Goddess”!

– First Prize –


Player : HH Capriwolven


Player : Carrera Goddess


Player : LoonyNeko111

All designs are fully detailed masterpieces that fit perfectly in the Happy Wars world!
The Art Director took care to keep the original motifs while drawing the most suitable concept art for the game.

We are looking forward to introducing the in-game 3D models soon!
The items are planned to be released around April.

*The Second Prize and Special Jury Prize art work from the Art Director is in preparation.