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Class Strategy Guide: Warrior

Class Strategy Guide: Warrior

Class Strategy Guide: Warrior

For Beginners:

Get Equipment!

Play Happy Spinner and try to obtain items such as a helmet, an accessory, and especially a weapon.
You’ll accumulate Happy Stars gradually through battle, so use them.
Complete Story Mode first because it gives you great gear for Warriors.


Recommended Skills

Stone Throw:A ranged attack skill for Warriors that knocks enemies out.Super Guard:A shield with Super Guard protects against magic. Protect allies behind you.Cheer:It powers-up the participants’ HP and attack power and can be launched with up to 8 teammates.

Protect Yourself

Guard with a shield often for better defense.
You can focus on guard attacks instead of regular attacks because they are still very effective early on.
Don’t forget that you can block magic attacks.


Surround Enemies

You can’t block what’s behind you. Move and surround enemies if you out-number them.
You can create a chance for allies to attack enemies from both sides by using guard attacks while moving backward.


For All Levels:

Send Enemies Flying

It is often more effective to knock enemies back when near ledges or rivers.
That’s why the “Smash Power Up” buff can be helpful. Get familiar with the Smash skill, shield Uppercut, and the “Rush”, and “Rocketman” skills and know when to use them.


Protect the Frontline and Break Through the Enemy’s Line

Protect yourself from the enemy’s attacks with guard attacks first, then get used to the timing for attacking and defending when using “Smash”, “Rush”, or “Spinning Blade”.


Taking Towers

Warriors have high offensive power, so its normal attacks inflict more damage than those of other classes.
A Warrior’s main role is to protect allies who are trying to take towers by attacking enemies nearby.
Guard when defending. Attack Mages while guarding against their magic shots.


Don’t Keep Chasing

Warriors are great at defending allies. Don’t chase after enemies too much. Instead, focus on protecting allies and towers.


When You Do Pursue, Use “Rush”

You can easily catch up to running enemies when you use “Rush” because of its fast mobility.


“Anti-Warrior Tactics”

  • Break a Warrior’s defense and get behind them. You can deal twice as much damage with an Ambush attack.
  • It’s really tough to kill veteran Warriors. Chasing after them may be a waste of time, so ignoring them can be a way to deal with them.
  • Using ballistae, cannons, and bomb stones is a good idea.
  • When you realize you can’t defeat a Warrior, use status aliments as a Mage. Most of Warriors have the “Mobility Speed Up” buff, so “Thunderbolt” shot is effective.
  • Keep status aliments on Warriors for as long as possible while paying attention to your AP, even if you’re being protected. Make Warriors think you are unavoidable.
  • Be careful with “Stone Throw” and “Rush”. When you get hit from behind, you get knocked out. “KO Rate Down” can help if you are mainly using the Mage class.
  • You may die instantly from a Dash attack plus a Super Enchant Attack combo. Keep as large of a distance as you can if you plan to attack with status aliments.
  • Remove “Sacred Armor” and enchantments from Warriors with “Dispel”. It’s dangerous to get too close, so get away as soon as you can after using the Cleric’s Dispel skill.


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