Evolved Weapon Surge!!

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Evolved Weapon Surge!!

New evolved weapons have been added!

Good news for all users who have been waiting for evolved weapons!
18 new evolved weapons have arrived.
You may already have one or more of these evolvable weapons.
It’s time to take the next step! Evolve away!

・New Evolved Items

Item Name Evolved Item NameNEW!
Dark Lance

Dark Ex Machina
1,000 Manslayer
Million Manslayer
Orichalcum Claymore
Guillotine Axe
Wild Strike
Raging Strike
War God’s Axe
Protogonoi Axe
Massacre Machete

Bloody Friday
Gluttonous Fiend
War God’s Axe II
Protogonoi Axe II


Item Name Evolved Item NameNEW!
Iron Crawler
Iron Crawler Plus
Ogre Claws
Fullmetal Ogre

Dragon Force
Dragon Emperor
Torture Drill

Drill of Reckoning


Item Name Evolved Item NameNEW!
T-Rex Wand
Nidhogg Wand
Coelacanth Rod
Fossil King
Mechanical Torch
Hyper Blast Burner
Planetary Stick
Uncharted World
Pesticide Wand
Furious Pesticide