Super Premium Miracle Campaign! November 16th – November 23rd

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Super Premium Miracle Campaign! November 16th – November 23rd

Get ready for the Super Premium Miracle Campaign!

This week, get Super Premium items at triple the usual rate in Happy Cards Limited Edition!

Super Premium Items are not only awesome looking, they’re also incredibly powerful!

Not only that, many Super Premium weapons have the ability to evolve once they reach level 10, becoming even stronger!

Normally, Happy Time provides a 100% chance of grabbing S. Premium items, but outside of Happy Time there’s a 7% chance。During the Super Premium Miracle Campaign, that chance skyrockets to 21%!!
*Please note that the Super Premium Miracle Campaign does not apply to normal Happy Cards.

What is Happy Time?

Each time you play Happy Cards, you’ll get at least 1★.
Collect 12★ and you’ll enter Happy Time!
Once Happy Time has started, your next item from Happy Cards is guaranteed to be Super Premium!!

Super Premium Miracle Campaign Duration

November 16th at 5 am – November 23rd at 4:59 am


November 16th at 9 am – November 23rd at 8:59 am