Happy Memories Social Media Contest! November 9th – November 30th

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Happy Memories Social Media Contest! November 9th – November 30th

Join the Happy Memories Contest!

Share your Happy-est memory and win fabulous physical prizes!

Join us on Facebook or Twitter and present your favorite Happy Wars memory-either by writing it out, posting a screenshot, or both!

Then, We’ll choose 30 players from among those that participate and send each one an original Happy Wars T-shirt!
This T-shirt is brand new, and exceedingly rare!
We’ll share the design sometime in the near future so please look forward to it!
Also, be sure to check out the Like & Retweet Campaign going on at the same time!
※More infor at the bottom of this page.

Entry Period
5:00 am November 9th – 5:00 am November 30th, 2017 (EST)

Think of your greatest Happy Wars memory or experience.
Then, tweet that to our official Twitter or post it on our official Facebook account.
Please send entries by 5:00 am November 30th (EST).
We accept written stories, screenshots and pictures, so send whatever you think expresses your memory best!
When tweeting, simply attach the #HappyWars5th hashtag to apply.
Examples of Happy Memories:
・Made an awesome comeback to win a round of Quick Match!
・Married someone I met while playing!
・Got the Item I wanted in a single round of Happy Time!
・Cheered up some not-so-Happy allies with my bragging!
and so on.


-Grand Prize Winner – 1 player One full equipment set of your choice in game
Happy Tickets x500
Original T-shirt
Runner-up Prize – 4 players Happy Tickets x100
Original T-shirt
Finalist Prize – 25 players Original T-shirt

1st Place Select Equipment Set

・One Equipment Set of your choice, from Items released before November 9th, 2017.
・The set can be selected from the following three methods
-Warrior/Cleric Style: Helm, Armor, Weapon, Shield, Accessory
-Berserker Style: Helm, Armor, Weapon, Weapon, Accessory
-Mage Style: Helm, Armor, Weapon, Accessory
・Buffs can be attached to each item one-by-one (you can also choose to not attach any buffs).
・Parameters set by us.
・Items will be provided at the max level.
・Each piece can be named.
※These items cannot be sold for any reason.

How to Enter

For Twitter:
1. Follow the official Happy Wars Twitter (@HappyWars)( https://twitter.com/HappyWars)
2. Reply to our application tweet with the hashtag #HappyWars5th!
3. Or, tweet your submission with the hashtag #HappyWars5th!

For Facebook:
1. Simply reply to the application post with a comment that includes your submission and the hashtag #HappyWars5th!

Submission Rules

• Applications must be written in either English or Japanese.
• Applications without the appropriate hashtag (#HappyWars5th) will not be eligible for selection.
• Low quality images will not be accepted.
• There is no limitation for the number of submissions per user.
• Any screenshot methods are welcome

Selection Procedure

Once all of the applications have been collected, the Management Team will select 5 nominees.
Then, you, the player will help select one grand prize winner from among those 5 nominees!
We’ll announce the voting method on a different day, so stay tuned for further details!
In addition to the 5 nominees, 25 other submissions will be chosen at random to receive an original Happy Wars T-shirt!

Announcing the Results

We will contact each of the winners on the social media platform they used to apply.
Then, we’ll post the winners and their entries on our home page on December 21st.
There are currently no plans to feature lottery winners on the site.

Contacting the Winners

We will contact the 30 players selected for prizes by December 14th using the following procedures:
For Twitter:
Direct Message

For Facebook:
Private Message
※When receiving our message on Facebook, it may be sent to Other in your mail box.

• All submissions have a chance to be featured on our website.
• For your protection, no posts listing personal information such as addresses, phone numbers, workplaces, e-mail addresses, etc will be accepted.
• Posts deemed illegal, offensive or inappropriate will not be accepted.
• Submissions that infringe on copyrights, intellectual property rights or any other rights possessed by persons other than Toyogic Inc. or anything that is likely to infringe on another IP is prohibited.
• Toylogic reserves the right to terminate an application for any reason, even if that application has already been chosen as a winner.


Double Campaign! We’re also holding a Like and Retweet campaign!

In addition to our Happy Memories Contest, players can also win up to 50 Happy Tickets depending on the number of Likes and Retweets the various Happy Memories Contest entries receive!
Even if you’re not much for contests, retweeting and like other players’ entries will help you win Happy Tickets so don’t miss your chance!
※More details on rewards will be provided after the campaign has ended.

【Boss Mission World Alliance】

【5th Anniversary Schedule】

Participation Agreement

  • ・Screenshots submitted may be used for a purpose separate from this contest without permission. By entering this contest, you agree with our terms and conditions. Please read the Participation Agreement thoroughly.
  • ・Toylogic Inc. (the sponsor) reserves all rights to each submission. Participants must agree that the sponsor freely uses the submissions for promotions and records.
  • ・In order to submit, participants need either a Twitter or Facebook account (Free).
  • ・Please follow Facebook and Twitter regulations in addition to the Participation Agreement.
  • ・Only participants who follow the Submission Rules and enter during the campaign period are eligible to win.
  • ・The contest sponsor will choose best entries after careful consideration.
  • ・Only original screenshots that participants take themselves are eligible to win.
  • ・Repeated submissions are treated as a single entry.
  • ・If the contest prize was unable to be delivered because of absence, moving or unclear address, that person’s status as a prize winner will be considered waived.
  • ・Submissions that violate a design right, a copyright, and a trademark as well as against public order and standards of decency are considered ineligible. Any submissions the sponsor considers inappropriate are also ineligible.
  • ・Any costs incurred due to this will be treated as the participant’s expense.
  • ・The sponsor may choose to cancel an entry if the submission is considered fraud, inappropriate, or is found to be using someone else’s identity.
  • ・The chosen winner cannot transfer the winning rights to someone else.
  • ・The contest prize cannot be transferred or exchanged with money.
  • ・All contents and conditions regarding the contest are subject to change without notice.
  • ・Please refer to our Privacy Policy (/privacy) for dealing with personal information.
  • ・Happy Wars ハッピーウォーズ are trademarks of Toylogic Inc.
  • ・Employees, contractors, and any persons directly related to employees of Toylogic Inc. cannot enter the contest.
  • ・The sponsor is not responsible for any errors, network disconnection, data loss, glitches, delay, submission content falsification, and connection loss as well as issues with machines used to enter the contest.
  • ・The 5th Anniversary Campaign: Happy Memories Contest is held by the sponsor, and Twitter and Facebook have no relation to this contest.
  • ・Microsoft is not a sponsor of this promotion and has no responsibility regarding its conduct or administration.