Happy Wars is on Xbox One Now!

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Happy Wars is on Xbox One Now!

Happy Wars for Xbox One was officially released on April 24!
The Xbox One version of Happy Wars boasts a major renewal of the UI along with various other game element changes. We’ve added features that take advantage of the power of Xbox One to give you a brand new Happy Wars experience.
The main features of Happy Wars for Xbox One are the upgraded visual quality, split-screen gameplay support, and sharing of saved data with the Xbox 360 version.

Visually, we think you will be very pleased with the Xbox One-powered high-quality graphics.
Split-screen play permits up to 4 players to enjoy Happy Wars together on the same Xbox One console. This is ideal for sharing Happy Wars fun with family and friends!
Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions share the same saved game data. Users who play the Xbox 360 version of Happy Wars will not need to create new saved data — as long as you use the same account, you can play using the same data even on the Xbox One version.
*** Note that leaderboard rankings and the amounts of Happy Tickets only are not shared.

To commemorate release of the Xbox One version, we’re holding a “One-Comer Campaign”!
During the campaign, we are offering 20 Happy Tickets, 1 “Buff Pincer”, and a “Mountaineer Backpack” (accessory).
A “Buff Pincer” is used to remove a buff from an item, but without destroying the original item!
The Mountaineer Backpack is an item that we recommend especially for Happy Wars newbies.
The campaign lasts until May 6 (Wednesday).

So go ahead! Download Happy Wars for Xbox One! It’s FREE! If you have an Xbox Live membership, you can enjoy Happy Wars even more in multiplayer mode, etc. Don’t hesitate to join the fun, and download Happy Wars for Xbox One now!
We’d like to explain “Prerelease version”.
Currently, we have been tweaking Network in order for everyone to enjoy Multiplayer Mode smoothly. Therefore, there is a limit to the max number of players with Prelease Version, and it is max 20 players.
The limitation will expand to 30 players throughout the future updates.
Players are still able to enjoy a completed version except the limit of the max number of players with Multiplayer Mode.