This Week’s Campaign (8/27~9/2)

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This Week’s Campaign (8/27~9/2)

“Item Shop Sale” is on this week!

All items available at the Item Shop are an amazing 25% off!
At the Item Shop, you can find Premium Membership Pass, “Buff Pincer,” for removing a buff while saving the original item, and “Magic Key,” a key to open a golden chest on Treasure Map.
Also, “Star Market” is newly added to the Item Shop, and you can purchase unique items with Happy Stars in “Star Market.” Take advantage of this campaign to get items you’ve always wanted!

The “Item Shop Sale” runs until September 2 (Wednesday).


We have one more campaign! “Super Premium Mega Campaign” is also on this week!

When you play a Happy Card or Happy Card Limited Edition, your chance of obtaining a Super Premium item outside of Happy Time is boosted way up! Super Premium items are higher-performance and cooler looking than normal items, and when you get them enhanced up to Level 10, they can be developed into even more powerful Evolution items!
This is a great chance to pick up Super Premium items, so join the fun and play Happy Cards and Happy Cards Limited Edition!

The “Super Premium Mega Campaign” runs until September 2 (Wednesday).