This Week’s Campaign – [10/8 -10/14]

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This Week’s Campaign – [10/8 -10/14]

We have two campaigns this week!

First one is “Item Box You Will Be Happy to Get” campaign! “
During the campaign, any item boxes you find in multiplayer mode such as Quick Match, Co-op, etc. will have a better chance of giving you better items than usual.
Take advantage of this chance to obtain cool items by playing lots of Multiplayer mode!

“Item Box You Will Be Happy to Get” lasts until October 14 (Wednesday).

Another one is “Super Premium Mega Campaign!”

Whenever you open a pack of “Happy Cards” or “Happy Cards Limited Edition” (note: excluding Happy Time), a chance that you will get a Super Premium Item gets a boost during this campaign!
Super Premium Items are stronger than the regular items, and Super Premium weapons can even evolve. They also look cooler, so show off what you got!

There are Super Premium Items only available by playing “Happy Cards” or “Happy Cards Limited Edition,” so why don’t you play and see what you get?

“Super Premium Galore Campaign!” lasts until October 14 (Wednesday).