“Special Challenge” continues from last week! [11/12 -11/25]

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“Special Challenge” continues from last week! [11/12 -11/25]

“Special Challenge” continues from last week!.

“Special Challenge” is a game mode where you team up with other players to fight unique bosses. This time, “The Wise Men” that appeared in the fifth round are back to take revenge!
Using everybody’s experience let’s take down those “Ancient Tree” and “Book of Magic” bosses and get a reward!

*Now, you can also earn Co-op points in “Special Challenge.” For Co-op rewards, the items below are added as part of Co-op reward.


Item Name Item Type
Stylish Hat Helmet
Stylish Suit Armor
Crystal Rod Weapon
Monocle Accessory
Brave Hat Helmet
Brave Suit Armor
Brave Rod Weapon
Precious Monocle Accessory


“Special Challenge” is available until November 25 (Wednesday).