Happy Cards Limited Edition – [11/19 -11/25]

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Happy Cards Limited Edition – [11/19 -11/25]

New Items and Buff added!

This time’s new item set is the Warrior “Wild Boar Knight Set” and the new buff is “Intensify HP”.
“Intensify HP” is a buff that greatly increases the maximum HP but decreases the maximum AP. Suitable for those who want to prioritize on the HP.

“Intensify HP” is a fixed buff of the “Boar Helm”.

This week’s Happy Cards Limited Edition makes it easier to obtain the Warrior items “Wild Boar Knight Set” and the following Mage set.


Item Name Item Type
Boar Helm Helmet
Boar Hide Armor Armor
Wild Strike Weapon
Boar Shield Shield


Item Name Item Type
Shining Circlet Helmet
Shining Suit Armor
King’s Egg Weapon
Butterflies of Paradise Accessory

Happy Cards Limited Edition runs until November 25 (Wednesday).


Happy Cards Limited Edition improves your chances of obtaining the week’s featured items at the following rates.

The probability of obtaining a Super Premium Item is 100% during Happy Time, and 7% at other times.
The probability of obtaining one of the weekly featured items is 50% of the general Super Premium item rate.