Featured Buff Campaign! – December 24 to January 6

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Featured Buff Campaign! – December 24 to January 6

This update’s Happy Cards Limited Edition Campaign is “Featured Buff Campaign!”
During “Featured Buff Campaign!”, if you get a Buff Gem from Happy Cards Limited Edition it will be guaranteed to be one of the popular buffs selected by the Management Team.
The Featured Buffs, including “Warrior Slayer”, “Anti-Warrior Aid” or “Anti-Guard Attack Up Lv3”, are all amazing buffs so whichever you receive it will be great!

Buff Gems can be obtained at a certain rate during the “Happy Chance” that sometimes appears when drawing a Card Pack. There also is a chance of activating “Supper Happy Chance”, which increases greatly the chance of getting a Buff Gem!
If “Happy Chance” activates, don’t doubt and draw a Card Pack!
Now is the time to get strongest buffs!

Featured Buffs list:

Buff Name Type
Warrior Slayer Weapon
Mage Slayer Weapon
Fast Attack Weapon
Anti-Guard Attack Up Lv3 Weapon
Lightning Enchant Effect Weapon
Ambush Attack Up Lv3 Weapon
Anti-Warrior Aid Armor
Anti-Mage Aid Armor
Mobility Speed Up Lv3 Armor
Lightning Resistance Lv3 Armor
Ambush Reliever Lv3 Armor
HP & AP Recovery Up Lv3 Helmet
HP & AP Limit Up Lv3 Helmet
HP Recovery Up Lv3 Helmet
AP Recovery Up Lv3 Helmet
Fast Guard Attack Shield
Uppercut Power-Up Lv3 Shield
Guard Attack Up Lv3 Shield
Conserve AP Lv3 Accessory
Shorten Cooldown Lv3 Accessory
Tactical Power Up Lv3 Accessory
Respawn Speed Up Lv3 Accessory

“Featured Buff Campaign!” runs until January 6.

*Please notice that this campaign does not affect the normal Happy Cards.