Mega Statue Campaign – January 7 to January 13

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Mega Statue Campaign – January 7 to January 13

This week’s Limited Campaign is “Mega Statue Campaign”

During “Mega Statue Campaign” if you draw a card pack in Happy Cards Limited Edition the chances of getting a Statue are greatly increased.
This a wonderful chance to get one of those elusive Statues! During this campaign let’s get many Statues and level up your items ahead of everyone!

Using a Statue during Item Level-Up you can surpass the item’s max level.
There are 3 kinds of Statues, “Heroic Statue”, “Legendary Statue” and “Mythical Statue”, which differ in the amount of levels that can increase your item.
The rarest one, “Mythical Statue”, increases you item’s max level by 3!
Items normally can only reach level 10, but by using Statues you can make them reach level 11-15!
Of course, a level 15 item is much stronger in battle than a level 10 item!

Happy Cards Limited Edition runs until Wednesday January 13.

*Please notice that this campaign does not affect the normal Happy Cards.