The Co-op Mode has been upgraded!

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The Co-op Mode has been upgraded!

This week the Co-op Mode has been upgraded!

“Special Enemies” have been added to the Co-op Mode.

・Gate Crasher
・Dr. Airhead
・The leader from each team

Gate Crasher is a dangerous enemy that aims for the castle gate in a straight line.
If he is not defeated right after spawning, he will destroy the castle gate and you will be in trouble!
He appears when the team reaches a specific score.

Dr. Airhead is a fast enemy that can increase the enemy team’s parameters.
Not defeating him means that you will have to face many powerful enemies!
He appears when the team reaches a specific score.

Each team has now “Leaders”.
They are boss-like strong enemies that use the team’s special characteristics.
They are very powerful so make sure to attack them all together!
Leaders appear when a certain amount of kills done by the team is reached.

To help balance the game, formidable enemies no longer appear in Normal difficulty in Co-op Mode.

For a limited time only, a special kind of Grim Reapers will appear in Co-op Mode!
They came from the Underworld to avenge the ever-losing normal Grim Reapers!
They don’t only have more defense than the usual Grim Reapers, but they have extreme parameter status to put up a good fight!
Do you have what it takes to defeat the Special Grim Reapers?!

During this period, the bonus for defeating Grim Reapers is doubled, so let’s take the challenge!

Special Grim Reapers appear until Monday, January 13