“Save the PIRATE KING” is on!

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“Save the PIRATE KING” is on!

The Special Match of this weekend is “Save the PIRATE KING.”

“Save the PIRATE KING” is a team match with simple rules: when a player who became the Pirate King enters the enemy castle, their team wins.
However, with these simple rules “Save the PIRATE KING” can result in a really heated battle!

The character who achieved the first kill transforms into the Pirate King! Once become the Pirate King, his appearance changes, and also his skills change into offensive ones such as “Cyclone,” “Shield Charge,” and “Smash.”
Even a strong Pirate like him cannot win by himself against all enemy troops. Save the Pirate King by escorting him and healing him, and lead your team to victory!
Did your enemy become the Pirate King? Recapture the Pirate King defeating him by all means!
If time runs out, the Pirate King’s team wins.

“Save the PIRATE KING” will be open for the whole weekend.

The opening time will be as follows:

・Friday, April 13 at 7 p.m. (EST/EDT) – Sunday, April 15 at 7 p.m. (EST/EDT)
・Saturday, April 14 at 0:00 (UTC) – Monday, April 16 at 0:00 (UTC)

*From the update on April 21, returning to the title screen at the opening time is no longer necessary!
With the new feature “Special Time,” a countdown to the event will start 24 hours before it opens.
At the opening time, the Battle Menu will be automatically updated, and Special Games will be selectable.
You can now play “Save the PIRATE KING” straight way even if you were playing another game mode before the opening time.