New Items Arrive! “Featured Item Snatch Campaign” May 12 – May 18

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New Items Arrive! “Featured Item Snatch Campaign” May 12 – May 18

New Items Arrive!! The Limited Campaign “Featured Item Snatch Campaign” is on.
These new items appear as Featured Items… Details come after the campaign summary!

In this week, we provide “Featured Items Snatch Campaign” which means that when you receive a Super Premium Item in Limited Edition it is guaranteed to be a Featured Item.
No matter if it’s during Happy Time, or outside Happy Time, Super Premium Items will be Featured Items 100% of the times!
This campaign is a great chance if you are aiming for new items or a whole set.

The winner items from User Design Contest “Baron Samedi Set,” have been added!

Dear Cleric players, thank you for your patience. That ghastly and stylish set is finally here!
It’s a “scary cute” set in an odd balance between suspicious strangeness and vivid cuteness.
A top hat that symbolizes Baron Samedi in Voodoo, a tombstone, and the facial expression of the mace… Just by seeing the details you can tell it’s a high quality set!
A worthy winner of the Item Design Contest.

■New Items “Baron Samedi Set”

Item Type Item Name Fixed Buff Name
Helmet Hat of Deathly Smile Empty Slot
Armor Skeleton Cloak Empty Slot
Weapon Serpent Mace Construction Speed Up Lv3
Weapon Deathly Serpent Mace S. Construction Speed Up Lv3
Shield Tomb Shield (Empty Slot)

The weapon “Serpent Mace” can evolve into “Serpent Skull Mace” at level 10.
The fixed buff “Construction Speed Up” is a suitable buff for clerics who want to support the team with strategic building. This buff helps you contribute to your team in many ways!
The Featured Items include this “Baron Samedi Set.” Don’t miss this opportunity, and overwhelm enemies with the vivid horror!

・List of Featured Items

Item Type Item Name
Helmet Hat of Deathly Smile
Armor Skeleton Cloak
Weapon Serpent Mace
Shield Tomb Shield
Helmet Emperor’s Crown
Armor Emperor’s Mail
Weapon Moon Strike
Shield Blue Diamond Shield



Item Type Item Name
Helmet Samurai Helm
Armor Samurai Armor
Weapon Samurai Spear
Shield Samurai Shield
Helmet Elf Cap
Armor Elven Frock
Weapon Elf King’s Sword
Shield Elf Shield



Item Type Item Name
Helmet Flame Hat
Armor Flame Robe
Weapon Mechanical Torch
Shield Fire Extinguisher
Helmet Apollo’s Wreath
Armor God’s Robe
Weapon Zeus Wand
Shield Blinding Halo

*Please note that the Limited Campaigns will not be applied to the normal Happy Cards.
*You can also check the items in the “Item Lineup” inside Happy Cards Limited Edition.
*Shields are used by Warriors and Clerics, while Accessories are common to all classes.
*The drop rate of Super Premium Items is 100% during Happy Time, and 7% outside Happy Time.

“Featured Item Snatch Campaign” runs through Wednesday, May 18.