“Featured Item Snatch Campaign” June 23 – June 29

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“Featured Item Snatch Campaign” June 23 – June 29

This week’s Limited Campaign is “Featured Item Snatch Campaign”!

In “Featured Item Snatch Campaign”, you are guaranteed to receive a Featured Item when you draw a Super Premium Item in Happy Cards Limited Edition.
It’s only applied to Happy Cards Limited Edition, but this campaign gives you big chances to aim for that item you liked from the item list, or that piece you need to complete the set.
On this occasion, a new item set for warriors and a new buff are added to the rich lineup of items. Who wouldn’t aim for that!

The new “Dark Assassin’s Set” is here.
This set makes you look like a sharp and cool assassin.
The Indian weapon “Jamadhar” is evolvable to “Crimson Jamadhar”. The fixed buff transforms into “S. Ambush Attack Up Lv3” once it’s evolved, so the damage to enemies from behind increases a lot!
For other items, there are also many valuable buffs such as “Anti-Warrior Aid”.

・New Items for Warriors “Dark Assassin’s Set”

Item Type Item Name Fixed Buff Name
Helmet Assassin’s Mask HP & AP Limit Up Lv3
Armor Dark Assassin’s Robe Anti-Warrior Aid
Weapon Jamadhar Ambush Attack Up Lv3
Shield Dark Assassin’s Shield Crushing Uppercut (New Buff)


In this update, the new buff “Crashing Uppercut” has been added!
“Crashing Uppercut” is a powerful action buff that makes you thump the enemy’s head with your shield.
It breaks through the guard, and it often stuns the enemy, so you can make the battle state advantageous by surprise.

Uppercut is an attack with a shield exclusive for warriors and clerics, and you can perform it by tapping the RT button quickly twice.
When you equip a shield that has “Crashing Uppercut” attached, your Uppercut attack will change to “Crashing Uppercut.”

To this newly added “Dark Assassin’s Shield” from Dark Assassin’s set, the new buff “Crashing Uppercut” is attached as a fixed buff!
This campaign is a chance to aim them if you’d like to try a new buff.

・List of Featured Items

Item Type Item Name
Helmet Assassin’s Mask
Armor Dark Assassin’s Robe
Weapon Jamadhar
Shield Dark Assassin’s Shield
Helmet Gladiator Helm
Armor Gladiator Mail
Weapon 1,000 Manslayer
Shield Gladiator Shield


Item Type Item Name
Helmet Guardian Helm
Armor Guardian Armor
Weapon War Hammer
Shield Guardian Shield
Helmet Star-Reader’s Scarf
Armor Arabian Night
Weapon Crystal Mace
Shield Mach-speed Carpet


Item Type Item Name
Helmet Droid Head
Armor Droid Body
Weapon Spark Rod
Accessory Jet Booster
Helmet Jiangshi Hat
Armor Super Chinese Wand
Weapon Super Chinese Garb
Accessory Imperial Fan

*Please note that the Limited Campaign will not be applied to the normal Happy Cards.
*You can also check the items in the “Item Lineup” window inside Happy Cards Limited Edition.
*Shields are used by Warriors and Clerics, while Accessories are common to all classes.

“Featured Item Snatch Campaign” runs until Wednesday, June 29.