Evolved Weapon Surge!!

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Evolved Weapon Surge!!

New evolved weapons have been added!

Good news for all users who have been waiting for evolved weapons!
23 new evolved weapons have arrived.
You may already have one or more of these evolvable weapons.
Now, let’s turn on your Xbox and check your items!

・New Evolved Items

Item Name Evolved Item NameNEW!
Revolver Blade
Cannon Blade
Dragon Lance
Red Dragon Lance
Titan Sword
Uranian Sword
Salamander Sword
Great Salamander
Blue Moon
Sapphire Moon
Royalty Sword
Kaizer Blade

Dual Railgun
Plasma Rail Gun
Fallen Angel’s Spear
Jamadhar NEW!
Crimson Jamadhar


Item Name Evolved Item NameNEW!
Crusade Hammer
Sacred War Hammer
Mythic Staff
Mythic Scepter
Death Metal Guitar
Flying X
Moon Strike
Moon Obliterator
Staff of Disaster

Rod of Catastrophe
Mammoth Crusher
Giant Crusher


Item Name Evolved Item NameNEW!
Swiss Cheese
Gourmet Cheese
Bad Luck Stuff Doll
Soul-Stuffed Toy
Spark Rod
Cyclone Spark
Night King
Night Emperor
Queen of Andromeda
Empress of Andromeda
Handle of Fury
Death Road Handle Custom
Wand Saber
Rod Saber