“Boss Mission” is back!

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“Boss Mission” is back!

“Boss Mission”, is on for the second time for the whole season!

During the season, the Co-op Mode becomes the “Boss Mission.”
Special bosses such as “Ganesha” appear randomly instead of the Grim Reaper.
When you contribute to defeat the boss, the chances to receive better items increase!
If you kill the boss in “Hell’s Challenge”, you have even higher chances to get rare items than in Normal.
You can try as many times as you like until Wednesday, July 20, so let’s beat up the worthy bosses ascended to the world of Happy Wars!

In Co-op Mode, one of the three special bosses appears instead of the usual “Grim Reaper”.
According to the damage you deal to the boss, the chances to receive a better reward increase when you kill the boss!

・Bosses of this Season

Ganesha Grizzly Champion Marquis de Stag
An ethnic elephant monster.
It relies on its powerful attacks and great endurance.
A bestial grizzly monster.
Takes pride on its speedy attacks. Watch out especially behind you.
A patrician deer monster.
Its powerful magic shots are tricky. The cooperation with your allies is the key.

【Three Main Points of “Boss Killing Rewards”】
After defeating the boss, don’t forget to check the result screen!
You will receive various rewards according to the contribution.

POINT 1: Maximize your chances to obtain rare items that you can only receive through “Boss Mission” besides Happy Stars: “Copper Metal”, “Silver Metal”, “Gold Metal”, and “High Grade Stickers”!

Item Name Item Information
Copper Metal Equip Item as a Level-Up Material.
The Leveled Up item may become a “High Grade Item*.”
Silver Metal Equip Item as a Level-Up Material.
The Leveled Up item may become a “High Grade Item” with higher chances than using “Copper Metal.”
Gold Metal Equip Item as a Level-Up Material.
The Leveled Up item may become a “High Grade Item” with higher chances than using “Silver Metal.”
High Grade Sticker Sticker for Happy Cards.
It guarantees you a “High Grade Item” in the next Happy Card.

* ”High Grade Item” is an equip item that has the highest possible parameters among its kind.

POINT 2: Get the warrior’s helmet from the Item Design Contest, “Emperor Lion Helmet” which we just showed in 3D!
This item hasn’t been added to Happy Cards yet, but it appears in the “Boss Killing Rewards”.


Item Type Item Name Fixed Buff Name
Helmet Emperor Lion Helmet Empty Slot

Get this item before anyone else as “Boss Killing Rewards”, and show it off to your friends!
Click to find out more about the second prize winners’ 3D designs of the Item Design Contest Round 2.

POINT 3: Receive 1.5 times more Co-op points than usual after defeating the boss!
Depending on the points you store, you can receive the Seasonal Co-op Rewards.
Receiving 1.5 times more points means that you can obtain the Co-op Rewards faster, and maybe completing them!
The rewards for higher points are better, so kill as many bosses as possible and get awesome items!

【Monster Slayer】
In this case, “Monster Slayer” buff will help you a lot again!
While “Boss Mission” is on, the Buff Gems with “Monster Slayer” appear in Happy Cards Limited Edition.
Since “Buff Gem Blowout!” is on in this week, you have higher chances to obtain “Monster Slayer” buff.

The “Monster Slayer” deals a huge damage to special enemies such as bosses and the “Gate Keeper”.
Moreover, its power has greatly increased compared to the last time.
As a new feature, attaching more than one “Monster Slayer” to the same weapon lets you do a massive damage to the boss!
Use “Monster Slayer” to effectively collect Rewards and Co-op points, and win a great acclaim among your allies.

“Monster Slayer” transforms into another popular buff when the season ends.
You can keep playing without switching to another buff since the “Monster Slayer” will change to another powerful buff after the special bosses stop appearing!
Of course you can remove it if you wish to, but it would be a shame to have those cool buffs waiting in the buff list!

In this occasion, the buffs “Monster Slayer” will transform into the following buffs:
・”Fast Attack”
・”Lightning Resistance Lv3”
・”HP Recovery Up Lv3”

Kill the bosses many times and receive as many nice rewards as possible during this season!
“Boss Mission” is on until Wednesday, July 20.
This season ends on Thursday, July 21 at 0:00 (UTC).