“Buff Gem Blowout!” July 7 – July 13

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“Buff Gem Blowout!” July 7 – July 13

Welcome to “Buff Gem Blowout!”

You are guaranteed to receive a Buff Gem during Happy Time in Happy Cards Limited Edition for a week until Wednesday, July 13.
You can check or take out a buff from the Buff Gem inside the “Remove Buff” menu in “Item Remodeling”. To use a buff, you should remove from the Buff Gem first and attach it to the equip item.

It’s your chance to receive “Monster Slayer” buffs which will let you have an advantage in the current special mode “Boss Mission”.

If you attach the “Monster Slayer” buff, you can deal lots of damage not only to the featured bosses called “Ganesha”, “Grizzly Champion”, and “Marquis de Stag”, but also to special enemies such as the “Gate Keeper”.
The more you contribute to kill the boss, the more chances to receive rare rewards.

After the end of the season on Thursday, July 21 at 0:00 (UTC), they will transform into either ”Fast Attack”, ”Lightning Resistance Lv3”, or ”HP Recovery Up Lv3”.
We carefully selected popular buffs which you can still use after the special bosses stop appearing.
Buff Gems with “Monster Slayer” make 27% of the total buff gems in Happy Cards Limited Edition.

The “Monster Slayer” buff is definitely the main buff in this occasion, but there are still chances to receive other popular buffs such as “Crushing Uppercut”, “Father Fireball”, and “Super Ultimate Weapon”!

* Please note that “Buff Gem Blowout!” will not be applied to the normal Happy Cards.
“Buff Gem Blowout!” runs for a week until Wednesday, July 13.