About the Co-op Rewards issue

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About the Co-op Rewards issue

This is the Happy Wars Management Team.


The updated released on August 20 at 09.00am(UTC) had an issue in which some users saw the Coop “This Season’s Rewards” as received when they were not received.
According to our survey, the users who have this issue are the ones who played Coop mode from August 20 at 00.00 am to August 20 at 09.00am(UTC) and received their reward.
The reason is that since 00.00am the season was renewed, but the rewards were not updated until the next release at 09.00am(UTC).


In case you received “This Season’s Rewards“ before they were renewed, in the new season the closest rewards to your Co-Op Points (without exceeding them) appear as received.
Also, even if you get more Co-Op Points, only the rewards corresponding to the Co-Op Points that you had before the release appear as received. The other rewards can be received without problems.
Example: if in the old “This Season’s Rewards“ you got the rewards for 10,000 points, in the new season the rewards until the closest number, which is Happy Cards free pass for 8,800 points, appear as received. Also, because the old reward for 10,000 points was the 10th prize, even if you reach 11,000 points in the new season the 10th reward, which is Happy Star x 1,500, appears as received.


We apologize for the confusion that this may have caused and hope to see you playing Happy Wars again.